Revolutionizing energy storage
with advanced nanomaterials.

Our graphene batteries offer charging speeds that are 3 to 6 times faster, a lifespan that is 2 to 3 times longer, and a range increase of 1.3 to 1.8 times compared to traditional Lithium batteries. Additionally, they maintain safety even at extreme temperatures of up to 350°C

Graphene the

Our innovative approach to graphene production, currently awaiting patent approval, is not only cost-effective but also opens up a world of possibilities for its application across various industries.

Introducing Graphene powered cells

A groundbreaking leap in battery technology, set to revolutionize safety and performance standards.

Ready to

building a better future with the power of nanomaterial based technology.


Independently tested, our pending patents cover battery tech, compositions, and designs awaiting regulatory approval.

Commercially Piloted

Multiple successful pilots of our cells with EV OEMs and tested for grid-scale energy storage.

Fully operational pilot facility

2 MWh cell capacity and 1.5 Tons per annum graphene production facility commenced operations in November 2023.

Ready to scale
Ready to scale the production capacity with proven technology and strategic partnerships.


Partnering with leading institutes and industry associations in battery technology, material science, and research, our organization stands at the forefront of scientific excellence and industry innovation.



Capattery, founded for sustainable energy storage, is dedicated to advancing electrification and renewable energy with a circular economy approach, fostering a responsible battery supply chain through collaboration with partners, suppliers, and stakeholders.


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