Energy Storage Solutions

Capattery is the leading nano-technology company to have developed and proven graphene batteries commercially

We have rigorously tested our batteries in-house and third-party internationally recognized agencies. 

We are currently engaged in commercial pilot programs with EV Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and grid-storage solutions.

Our operations are supported by a mini-production facility where we produce both the cells and graphene in-house. With the successful completion of our pilot projects, we are now poised to expand our capacity, scaling up operations to meet growing demand.

High-performance and
affordability advantages

Our nanomaterial-based battery breakthrough—an unprecedented fusion of affordability and high performance. Discover how it surpasses conventional technologies in the market, setting a new standard in energy storage.

Rapid Charging:
Charges the cell in less than 20 minutes 

(3C Ratings) at 100% State of Charge (SOC), and less than 15 minutes (4C ratings) for 80% SOC.

Safety Assurance:
Proven to be and certified as one of the safest batteries available, having been tested at around 350°C.

Extended Cycle Life:
Offers a remarkable 2X-3X improvement in cycle life over traditional Li batteries

Enhanced Mileage:
Current tests on commercial vehicles demonstrate a 1.3X  increase in mileage for the same capacity, providing improved efficiency and performance

Reduced battery weight:
Our battery packs are lighter due to decreased cooling needs, resulting in more power output for the same weight, enhancing overall efficiency and performance.

Competitive Price Per kWh:
Despite far superior performance, Capattery cells are competitively priced ensuring better per unit economics for our OEM partners and higher value for customers over the lifecycle of the battery.

Performance Benchmark

We have meticulously benchmarked our batteries against top commercial battery chemistries across various commercial parameters; Our batteries stand as one of the best in the industry, showcasing superior performance and innovation.

Capattery batteries have better performance, life-span and safety vs. LTO, LFP and NMC.

Battery Products and Future Innovations

At our facility, we specialize in the commercial production of battery cells in a variety of formats to suit diverse industrial needs. Our range includes cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cell types, each designed to cater to specific application requirements. 

Our cells are available in capacities ranging from 5 Ah to 100 Ah, ensuring we have the right solution for a wide array of industrial applications. This versatility in design and capacity underscores our commitment to meeting the varied demands of the industry with efficiency and precision.

At the heart of our mission lies a relentless pursuit of innovation in the realms of chemistry and battery architecture. 

Our dedicated team is not only advancing traditional battery technology but is also pioneering in the development of fuel cells and supercapacitors.


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